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Harvest Playground  |  Jack Benson Heritage Park           |  Chattanooga, TN

A Playground For Everyone

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A Partnered Project With: 

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Check Our Progress!

Updated June 2024


Coming To Chattanooga, TN

An    All-Inclusive Playground

This amazing playground has been designed to provide opportunities for children of all abilities to experience sensory‐rich play. It will be filled with fun, creative, farm themed playground equipment that will foster learning through imaginative play.


All children can play together with their peers, neighbors, and family without encountering physical barriers to access or social barriers to inclusion. Families from all over Hamilton County will have the opportunity to visit an incredible playground where children of all abilities can enjoy shoulder‐to‐shoulder play.


A True Community Effort

Harvest Playground is 100% funded by the community.


We have structured this project to make it easily accessible for you to not only get involved with an amazing cause, but be able to visit and see your name, family or business showcased permanently in the park. 

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